Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stating the obvious...

It was extremely pleasing to read in the news this morning that European Union finance ministers have agreed that additional measures are urgently needed to shore up the region’s banks.  Elsewhere, results were published on the sylvan nature of the toilet habits of bears while representatives of the Vatican were spotted leaving a large hat retailer.  

Yes, the penny seems to have finally dropped that some action may be required to resolve the situation in Europe.

The problem, of course, is trying to find some agreement between 27 disparate states – each with their own self interests and electorates to appease – while operating in a legal framework that was not constructed to deal with this kind of situation.  This, unfortunately, all takes time - precisely the resource which is most lacking at present.  As my colleague Guy Foster pointed out here, a potential solution does exist, but action is required. Time and the tide wait for no man, it seems.


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