Friday, 7 October 2011

Considering the future of Apple

This week saw the death of Steve Jobs, a great inventor, business man and visionary.

Did he change the world as Apple suggests? Probably. Was he driven to change the way we do things in every day life? Definitely. From the level of response to news of his death, for example Barack Obama and all CEOs of the major IT companies globally, it is easy to see why Apple, and indeed personal computing will never be the same.

The much anticipated official handover of the company to Tim Cook in August was met with general accord by the markets. It ended any remaining uncertainty over the company’s leadership and allowed the new CEO time to establish himself. He effectively completed the move this week by hosting the unveiling of the new iPhone 4S. The presentation was well received in terms of style, the product less so.

The phone’s new features are more ‘catch up’ than totally revolutionary and the phone’s design is very similar to the iPhone 4. This raises the question over Apple’s future without Mr Jobs. Is the company capable of achieving success with another revolutionary product or is it the next Nokia, a company once dominant now selling millions of low end phones and losing market share hand over fist? Time will tell whether Apple can survive the death of its genius and favourite father.

Equity Analyst, technology sector

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